Pegasus takes a multidisciplinary approach to finding answers. We draw on the talents not only of the most accomplished aviation architects and constructors, but also of leasing and real estate specialists, engineers, legal authorities, environmental planners, and business analysts to identify and open new opportunities for our clients. Ultimately, we provide underwriting for these well-conceived projects through financial partners of unparalleled strength and depth.

The Principals of Pegasus have over 50 years in the strategic planning, financing, development, and management of aviation-related projects. One of the Company’s strengths is our in-depth knowledge of the industry, flexible investment strategies, and longstanding relationships with market participants which uniquely positions us to succeed.

Pegasus is an outgrowth of the successes experienced by Avia Development Group and Airis Holdings. A number of the projects described herein were previously developed under the Avia or Airis flag.